Case Manager Supervisor

A re-envisioned case management position that allows you to build meaningful and lasting relationships with youth in your care.

Who we're looking for

SailFuture’s Case Management Supervisor will oversee and lead a specialized unit for 50 teens. The supervisor will work with 5 case managers, each with a maximum 1:10 ratio, to ensure that all teens in our care are not only receiving the highest quality of case management, but also wraparound services to meet their multifaceted needs. 

The supervisor will work in close coordination with each of the Program Directors at our Group Homes, School, and Life Skills Center. This position is expected to be engaged in all parts of the SailFuture continuum of care, and to lead their team of case managers to the same level of engagement. 

The supervisor should have excellent communication and motivational skills and lead in such a way that empowers their team to adopt a “whatever it takes” mentality for the children in our care. Unlike a traditional CMO, our agency expects supervisors and case managers to provide wraparound services and go beyond traditional case management responsibilities. 

The supervisor should have a strong knowledge of Florida’s child welfare statutes and operating procedures at our partner agencies, Eckerd Connects and Lutheran Services of Florida.

Finally, the supervisor is expected to build their own individual relationships with the 50 teens in our care while supporting their case managers to do the same. 

This is a salaried position and is not eligible for overtime pay.

  • Work closely with SailFuture’s Executive Director to ensure quality of care for all teens
  • Work closely with the supervising APD and keep them apprised of all high-risk or high-profile cases
  • Participate in the recruitment, hiring, and termination of case managers
  • Lead weekly staff meetings with all case managers
  • Hold weekly 1:1’s with each case manager to address critical issues
  • Schedule, lead, and document quarterly performance reviews for all staff
  • Participate in all complex and high-risk cases
  • Provide assistance to all case managers
  • Maintain regular contact with Program directors across all SailFuture programs
  • Quarterly review of each child’s case in the unit. Must include 1:1 with assigned CM, and recommendations for case progress. Must be documented in FSFN.
  • Ensure proper documentation and file management for all records
  • Plan and prepare for case exits and entries to maintain a consistent 1:10 ratio for all case managers
  • Ensure that all youth residing in SailFuture’s Group Homes are under SailFuture’s case management.
  • Attend ESI staffings and determine how best to assign new cases upon entry
  • Review case worker family assessments, home studies, court reports, case plans, and other records to ensure quality, thoroughness, and consistency.
  • Facilitate and participate in staffings for all teens
  • Accompany all new case workers in court proceedings and provides coaching, guidance, and training
  • Ensure timely submission of paperwork for social security funds
  • Ensure that vital records for each child are secured by case managers (social security card, birth certificate, parents death certificates, etc.)
  • Procure passports, ID’s, and other forms of identification as needed for children residing in SailFuture’s Group Homes
  • Work in partnership with the child’s GAL, public defender, and other parties
  • Ensure timely referrals to parents as required by case plan, as well as any supports necessary for the parents to access court-required services
  • Ensure that case managers maintain communication with parents’ service providers
  • Ensure that all youth’s medical and dental needs are met in a timely fashion
  • Assist with general transportation needs
Additional Responsibilities
  • Be a fully integrated team player across all areas of the SailFuture continuum (sailing, school, job training, residential, and mental health)
  • Participate in SailFuture sailing journeys throughout the Caribbean up to 10-days every 2-months
  • Work 1 shift per week at a SailFuture Group Home
  • Support school operations and academic instruction
  • Support job training operations and vocational instruction
  • Work with the mental health, education, and residential teams to create individual treatment plans for all youth
  • Other responsibilities as needed
Minimum Qualifications
  • Dependency Case Management Supervisor Experience; BA/BSW or MA/MSW or 3 years certified Case Management experience
  • 4 year bachelor’s degree or higher
  • Team player committed to doing whatever it takes for youth in their care
  • PASSION and experience working with at-risk teens
  • Excellent communicator and problem solver
  • Passion for adventure
  • De-escalation tactics (provided by SailFuture)
  • Behavior management (provided by SailFuture)
  • $250 monthly health insurance contribution
  • 401k with up to 6% employee match
  • Work cell phone
  • Work laptop
  • Mileage reimbursement for work-related travel
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