Be a part of building the future of foster care in Florida.


Join our team and be a part of building the future of foster care in Florida.


SailFuture has built an innovative model that gives us influence over the key social determinants that affect the life outcomes of teenagers in foster care.

We are the parents in the homes they live in, the teachers and administrators in the school they attend, the mental health counselors they see, and the job and life skills coaches that prepare them for adulthood.

We clean up after smelly and messy teenage boys, get yelled at for no reason, manage extremely stressful situations, and absorb the pain our boys feel every day. We go to extreme lengths to meet them where they’re at and walk alongside them during their journey from crisis to stability and growth.

We travel the world on sailboats, teach geometry through wood working, lead global service projects, and build some of the most important and meaningful relationships in our lives.

We are actively recruiting for 8 new positions to support growth in our residential, sailing, and academic teams.

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Our commitment to our team is that there will be no more impactful place to work with society’s hardest to reach teens. If you are true about wanting to get into the trenches and make a real and lasting impact in a child’s life, this is the place to do it.

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Shared Responsibilities

Our teams are cross-integrated and we all share in each other’s roles. Some days you are teaching algebra and some days you’re being the tough dad. You might be counseling on addiction in the morning, and in the afternoon you’re teaching sailing.

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Family, Not Colleagues

As we work to build a family atmosphere around the young people we serve, we wrap the same love and care around our people. This work is hard. It’s important to do it with people who have your back.

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International Sailing & Travel

We navigate a 65-foot sailboat through the pristine waters of the Caribbean and Central America, exploring some of the most beautiful and some of the most impoverished communities on our side of the world.

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Location, Location, Location

SailFuture’s homes and school are ideally located in St. Petersburg, FL. We make significant investments to ensure that we have uniquely special and the best equipped facilities in the child welfare industry.

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Global Service

We work alongside our students in leading global service projects for communities affected by natural disasters, Haitians living in refugee settlements, and Bahamians working to build community equity.

Work Schedule & Time Off

Your weekly schedule provides ample time away to recharge, and we offer 2-weeks of paid vacation.

Health Insurance Contribution

$200 monthly contribution to your employee health plan

Housing & Meals Covered

As a residential change agent, your housing and meal costs are 100% covered.

Avaliable Positions
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Residential Change Agent
6 Openings

Live and work with 6 teenage boys and guide them through a strategic continuum of care that combines sailing, housing, therapy, and education.

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  • Lead role in our continuum of care
  • Sailing & global travel
  • $46,000 salary (housing, meals, insurance)
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0 Openings

Facilitate breakthroughs with some of society’s hardest to teach youth through project-based curriculum tied to core ELA, Math, History, & Science standards.

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  • Non-traditional teaching environment
  • <1:10 Teacher Student Ratio
  • $41,000 Total Salary (Benefits included)
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Boat Captain
0 Openings

Help lost teens find purpose and direction through structured 45-day service learning expeditions at sea.

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  • Sailing Central America & the Caribbean
  • (6) 45-day expeditions per year
  • $48,000 Total Salary
About Us
SailFuture was founded in 2013 as an after school mentoring program for high-risk teens. It was meant to be a college project, not an organization. Since then we’ve grown into a modest-sized child welfare agency with three houses, a school, a handful of large sailing vessels, and multiple departments. Every step of the way, our growth was a product of our shortcomings.

We made great progress with students on week-long sailing journeys, but they returned to the same chaotic home that led them to instability and crime. In response, we opened a home to ensure that they had a permanent and stable place to live. Our students attended traditional public schools, but they skipped class and were suspended or expelled regularly. We recognized that the schools weren’t designed to meet their unique emotional and academic needs. Rather than blaming our kids, we opened our own school.

We wake up every day and ask ourselves how we can do better. Our philosophy is rooted in the belief that the teens we serve have the potential to be great, and achieve whatever it is they desire.

We recognize that their failures or shortcomings are just as much a product of the trauma they’ve experienced as they are a product of the broken system that’s supposed to help them heal.

We’re looking for people to join our team who share these beliefs and are willing to do whatever it takes for the young people we serve.

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